Shipping Update 01/03/24:

Hey all - we made a few changes to our shipping calculator and pricing.
We have removed one category of pricing (larger boxes) and added some regions (Auckland, North Island and South Island).
Shipping within Auckland in particular should be lower (in some cases significantly lower). Booster cases are lower nationwide. A lot of orders that combine multiple items should see decreases, especially in Auckland/North Island.
South Island will overall be a bit higher, especially for medium sized items.
Rural surcharge has increased from $5 to $5.60.

As always, if the shipping calculator has over-estimated shipping, we will add stuff (usual similar to what you have ordered) to reflect the difference and/or refund $. If it looks off, please feel free to message us first. The main issue currently would usually be if combining multiple different sized items as a rural address.

We do our best to keep shipping costs low and fair. NZ Post increased their price 01/July/2023 and we haven't changed our rates since then. Also as most of you know - we use signature required by default for additional security. This costs a little more than non-signature, but is well worth it in our opinion.
Our shipping also has significantly better and more reliable cover for loss (which is rare anyway with signature).
When you pay for shipping, we are GUARANTEEING that you receive the goods you paid for, or at the least a refund. No customers have ever been left out of pocket due to a lost/stolen package. In the unlikely event a package is lost, we are able to claim this and usually will send replacements before our claim is even processed. Even if our claim were denied (this has never happened) we would still send replacements (or refund if out of stock).
We also don't save on time when it comes to packing orders, as most of you will have noticed - we would rather pack it securely and spend a bit more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn about us, please see "About Us".

Are you legit?

Yes! We have an excellent reputation, the easiest way to check some feedback would be to view our Facebook reviews: www.facebook.com/GameTreeNZ or our Trade Me profile: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Feedback.aspx?member=1598435

Do you have a physical store?

We would like to eventually open one, but for now we want to focus on offering the best online shopping experience we can. We are a family-oriented team and enjoy working from home, with the kids :)

Can I pick up my order?

In general we don't do pick ups. For larger orders, if you get in touch prior to ordering we can consider on a case by case basis.


Why shop with the Game Tree?

If you choose to shop with us and give us a chance, we think the experience will speak for itself.

We have an amazing track record. See Feedback linked above, or just ask around the NZ Pokémon community!

As a Pokémon specialist store, we have a selection that is second to none. Nowhere else in New Zealand will you find the choice that we offer. We cater to casual fans to the most serious Pokémon fans!

We are working constantly to source products not available elsewhere in New Zealand, and work with a wide variety of industry leading suppliers from literally all over the world. 

We package orders well, ship them fast and offer good communication. When you buy from us, we GUARANTEE the shipping. We use signature required by default which results in lost packages being very rare. ZERO customers have ever been left out of pocket as a result of lost packages! In the rare case a package is lost, we will send replacements!

We recycle and reuse where possible - for example when packing and protecting orders. 

When will I get my order?

After your order has been placed, we will aim to dispatch it ASAP! In general this will be 0-2 working days. We use NZ Post courier which targets overnight (1 working day) delivery in most cases. We send your tracking number as soon as your order has been packed, it will start to update once it has been dropped off or picked up. 

Why do some booster boxes or ETBs have different prices?

Unlike big chain retailers, we are specialists in Pokémon. We have a more dynamic pricing system than most shops. We mostly sell products far lower than RRP. Our prices are often 20-30% (sometimes more!) lower than you'd find at retail stores.

For products that are out of print and hard to find elsewhere (especially locally) our price may be higher than our default (but often still lower than RRP!)

Also, the supplier cost prices change sometimes, for example Scarlet & Violet series boosters cost more than Sword & Shield series.

Do you ship internationally?

We only offer shipping within New Zealand. In the future, this may change. 

How are you able to offer product so cheaply, and how are you able to offer product that other shops don't have?

Fair questions! Due to our extensive history as hobbyists we have formed connections all over the world. We have a variety of suppliers that we work with to bring you great prices and unique offerings. We have invested a lot into our business, and buy larger amounts when we can. This means we get better prices, which we are happy to pass onto you. 

Why do you not offer pre-orders?

We have seen time and time again, that many customers of competitors are unhappy with pre-orders getting cancelled, or delayed for long time periods.

We do not believe in taking pre-payment for items we do not have on hand. We are happy to order what we are able to, and only offer products for sale when we have them IN HAND and READY TO DISPATCH.

In general we also want to give everyone the chance to have the opportunity to enjoy limited, highly demanded stock.

Will you be getting the next new set?

Yes, of course. As above, we will not take pre-orders, but rest assured we will have the latest, hottest products!

Do you price match?

We are an online only store, which means we are by default able to offer very competitive and fair pricing. You can contact us and we will consider local price match requests; exclusions would typically be sales, conditional offers, private listings etc.

Do you want to buy my cards?

Currently we are not looking to buy cards, we will edit this part of the FAQ when we are open to offers.

What postal service do you use?

In the vast majority of cases we use NZ Post. We have LOTS of experience receiving and sending packages in New Zealand, and in our opinion NZ Post has the best, most reliable and fastest service. We only offer tracked shipping.

In some rare cases, mostly for large items going to South Island or Rural destinations, an alternative may suit better.

We pack all orders to the best of our ability, including protection against the weather, and often get complimented on how our packages are packed.

For most orders, you can expect to receive your package in 1-3 working days, depending mostly on location. 

I am interested in something that is sold out or not on your site. Can you get it?

Firstly, please try our search feature. Otherwise, the short answer is; it depends. We will try our best to accommodate all requests, please leave us a message via "Contact Us" or our Facebook page. From time to time, we will give prizes to some of our favourite requests!

I don't have a big budget. Can you offer me something suitable?

Yes, we are able to offer a wide variety of packages to suit all budgets. You can see our bulk or mystery specials for a range of options at all price levels.

If you are looking to buy something for children, or beginners let us know; we are experts at making packs to suit. We are also known for throwing in an extra or two for the young ones ;)