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CLEARANCE! Cryptid Nation 2nd Theme Deck DISPLAY of 10 decks - MetaZoo

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(10x) Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Theme Decks!

Get TEN (10x) decks total in a FACTORY SEALED DISPLAY - 2 of each variant! 5 variants.

Alpha Iceman - Freeze your opponent Casters in their place with the chilling MetaZoo Alpha Iceman Frost Tribal Theme Deck!

Dingbelle Ring Leader - Paralyze your opponent Casters with the Shocking MetaZoo Dingbelle Ring Leader Lightning Tribal Theme Deck!

Hopkinsville Goblin King - Put the Fear of the Goblin King into your opponent Casters with the frightening MetaZoo Goblin King Dark Tribal Theme Deck!

Pukwudgie Chieftain - Outgrow the sappling strategies of your opponents with the MetaZoo Pukwudgie Chieftain Forest Tribal Theme Deck!

Salamander Queen - Watch your opponents burn out as they try to keep your flames at bay with the MetaZoo Salamander Queen Flame Tribal Theme Deck!