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The Game Tree's Pokémon Mystery Trainer Bags!

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Hey there! If you are running low on gear... never fear... Game Tree's mystery trainer bags are here!

In these bags you will receive a well thought out assortment of Pokémon product. Most of it will be Pokémon Cards, but we will also throw in some other merchandise sometimes. If you only want cards, leave a note and we can prepare accordingly.

The items will include product for sale on our website, but also some cool stuff not listed!

EVERY bag will have contents equal to AT LEAST the value paid for, and generally more. Keep in mind this means valuations at our low prices, not crazy retail prices!

SILVER! $100
GOLD! $200
GOD TIER! $1000

Whilst we do not guarantee any specific item/s, here are some examples of what you may get:

Single Cards from any set, including promos

Graded Cards/Slabs from any set

Booster Packs, Elite Trainer Boxes, Tins, Collections

Pokémon merchandise such as plush toys, nanoblocks

Pokémon TCG supplies such as deck boxes, sleeves

Please feel welcome to leave a note at checkout regarding preferences. For example - prefer no older cards, prefer no Japanese cards, your favourite set/Pokemon. We can't promise to fulfil requests but we will take note and do our best :)