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Pokemon Center Kanazawa Special Pikachu Box *Japanese*

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(1x) Pokemon Center Kanazawa Special Pikachu Box. 

Each box contains:

  • 3x Rebellion Crash (s2) packs
  • 3x Infinity Zone (s3) packs
  • 3x Astonishing Volt Tackle (s4) packs
  • 3x Explosive Walker (s2a) packs
  • 3x Legendary Heartbeat (s3a) packs
  • 4x Shiny Star V (s4a) packs
  • 1x Promo card 145/S-P Milotic
  • 1x Promo card 146/S-P Sobble
  • 1x Promo card 147/S-P Kanazawa's Pikachu
  • 1x Card Storage box
  • 1x Deck Sleeves Kanazawa store opening commemoration (64 sleeves)

This special box was released as part of a campaign celebrating the opening of a new Pokemon Center in Kanazawa, Japan (2020).